Feedback & Testimonials

The following are some unsolicited comments from participants

I liked all the step by step exercises we went through together as a class. That really helped me learn new skills but in a fast efficient way. Also, I liked that the presenter stopped to help those who were stuck on certain exercises and individually helped them before continuing on to the next step/set of exercises/photoshop skills. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and would definitely recommend it. In think Margaret does a superb job as a facilitator for this course. She covered the content well. — Photoshop Intermediate course participant, Auckland University


I enjoyed immensely your Photoshop class last Tuesday - you are onto it and your reputation spreads wide as I have talked to others in the industry and they know you and your skills. — Norman W


I thoroughly enjoyed our first InDesign session. It is exciting to have learned so many new things in just two hours, some of it is already well established in my day to day work in InDesign. — Yvonne


Hi Margaret: Firstly, thank you for the Indesign training last Thursday afternoon. It was absolutely first class. I spent all weekend working on my documents and have essentially completed all the changes. — Robert


As always, fantastic! Informative, well documented and charmingly delivered. Thank you very much. — Helen


A Big THANK YOU for the Movie Maker Course. It's been a pleasure joining this course and meeting you there. You did a great job. — Hannah


I thought I would thank you for the great, well organized Dreamweaver web design course you taught last week. I really enjoyed it even though I found it a bit hard in patches but it's good to challenge ones self. — Megan


Your tutorial is really so cool. Thank you very much. You've helped me a lot. Hope you continue sharing this kinda stuff to beginners like me. Thanks Again. Have a Nice Day. — Pam


I thoroughly enjoyed the course you ran at Auckland University on Scanning with Confidence. It was so interesting and well-presented, in fact, I would rate it as the best course I have attended there. — Mary S, Auckland University